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Words by Antoinette Barnardo

This mineral-rich glacial water is extracted from Titlis, the largest summit (3.238m at its highest point) in a long chain of mountains located in central Switzerland. Titlis is capped with a glacier (with a surface area of 1.7km2) and lies mainly on the west and north faces of the mountain. It is one of the alpine glaciers located in this region.

The incredibly pure water flowing from the Titlis glacier was formed by a very slow process that took place over several centuries. Its purity has been well-known for a long time. Mineral-rich Swiss glacial water is infused with calcium, sodium, iron, silicon, and selenium to provide deep rehydration to the skin. Just like vitamins, minerals (or mineral salts) are essential substances that help the body to function correctly.

The Swiss glacial water also contains a high concentration of potassium which is essential for recovery, especially after strenuous activity, to maintain healthy skin. It is thus the ideal choice for daily cosmetic use.

Words by Antoinette Barnardo