YORA masks are multi-functional, delivering specific benefits to the skin. Detoxifying masks are formulated with clay and charcoal to bind with pollutants for a deep cleanse, while bamboo beads aid the gentle exfoliation of dead or rough skin cells to maintain moisture, refresh the skin and keep pores clean. Our night-time masks are leave-on applications with a blend of ingredients for brighter and more radiant looking skin. Our masks prime the skin for the effective absorption of other skincare products.

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Facial masks can be grouped into four categories: sheet masks, peel‐off masks, rinse‐off masks and hydrogels. They can be easily applied, showing instant effects on the skin. Bioactive ingredients are added to masks for rejuvenation properties, including moisturisers, exfoliants, herbal ingredients, vitamins, proteins and minerals. Our masks are designed to deeply moisturise the skin, remove excess sebum, and leave the skin rejuvenated – smooth and primed for the rest of the skincare routine.

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