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How to Get Smooth Skin in 12 Effective and Wholistic Ways

How to Get Smooth Skin in 12 Effective and Wholistic Ways

by Antoinette Barnardo 10 Jan 2020

The hunt for products that encourage flawless, smooth skin is ongoing. From anti-blemish acne treatments to products that claim to erase fine lines, the question of how to get smooth skin seems to be an age-old problem without a satisfying solution.

In this article, we seek to provide answers for how to get smooth skin. With a wholistic approach that focuses on carefully chosen skincare products as well as lifestyle changes, your skin will be on course to achieve its smoothest texture yet.

What Is Smooth Skin?

Smooth skin is synonymous with healthy skin. Healthy skin is free of dryness, hyperpigmentation, acne, fine lines, and wrinkles. These skin issues create a rough and uneven texture. To get smooth skin, you need to eliminate the causes of rough skin texture.

What Causes Rough Skin?

These are the main causes behind rough skin:

  • A 2013 study in the Journal of Advances in Wound Care discovered that cellular turnover rate decreases as you age due to reduced collagen production. This contributes to a faster dead skin cell build-up which, in turn, clogs pores and causes breakouts.
  • UV rays and pollution generate free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS) that speed up photodamage and trigger premature skin ageing. This results in fine lines, wrinkles, reduced skin elasticity, and worsening hyperpigmentation.
  • Inadequate hydration and underlying skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can also make your skin feel dry and rough.
  • Vitamin A deficiency could also lead to dry and rough skin conditions such as generalised xerosis and follicular hyperkeratosis. Xerosis resulting from vitamin A deficiency is characterised by fine wrinkles and scales on the skin. Follicular hyperkeratosis manifests as red-brown follicular papules with a central keratotic spinous plug.

By identifying the factors that cause rough skin, you'll be able to refocus your skincare routine and lifestyle habits to achieve smoother skin.

How to Get Smooth Skin Through Your Skincare Routine 

We will first focus on which skincare products and skincare routines you should follow to get smooth skin.

1. Use an Exfoliant

As previously mentioned, dead cell build-up on the skin's surface can lead to a slew of skin roughness issues such as blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. Exfoliating at the right frequency is key to preventing these issues.

For glowing skin, use an exfoliant like YORA's Revitalise Face Polish alongside a cleanser to remove dead skin cells. It's infused with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) like glycolic acid to cleanse clogged pores. Moisturising PENTAVITIN® is also included to ensure hydrated, soft skin.

2. Layer on Serums

Go for skin-smoothing serums with anti-ageing benefits like the Dynamic Face Serum. It contains a proprietary hyaluronic acid blend of PRIMALHYAL 50 and PrimalHyal™ 300. This will intensely hydrate your skin and minimise fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother skin tone.

3. Moisturiser Is a Must

Moisturisers replenish your skin's hydration levels. To get the most out of your moisturiser, consider which ones fit your skin type and climate.

For instance, moisturisers that contain occlusives work better for dry skin. This is because occlusives reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL) which helps to retain moisture within the skin. On the other hand, moisturisers formulated with lightweight humectants such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin are more suitable for oily and combination skin types.

4. Don't Forget the Lips and Eyes

We often focus on facial moisturisers but skimp on eye creams and lip balms. To avoid under-eye wrinkles and lip lines, moisturising the eye and lip areas is a must.

If you're on the lookout for a moisturising eye cream, try our Dynamic Eye Concentrate. This single-use concentrate promotes skin elasticity through the moisturising properties of tetrapeptide EYESERYL®. It's also formulated with ARGIRELINE® to soften fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

For moisturising your lips, YORA's Lip Plump contains LPD Lip Plumper and Hyaluronic Filling Spheres™ to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Expect your lip contours to become more enhanced and voluminous.

5. Put on Facial Oils

Facial oils can supplement your skin with extra moisturisation. Look for a lightweight, skin-smoothing oil that doesn't leave behind an oily residue like YORA's Replenish Face Oil. It's infused with Co-Q10 and ANTILEUKINE 6® to protect the skin against external factors that trigger premature skin ageing.

6. Apply Sunscreen

To ward off the harmful effects of free radicals and ROS, sun protection is a must. Apply a broad-spectrum SPF to protect your skin from UV rays. Make sure your sunscreen contains at least SPF 30 to ensure your skin is protected against sun exposure. Go for sunscreens that also contain antioxidants like vitamin C to optimise UV protection, a 2013 study published in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal advises.

7. Try Chemical Peels

You can think of chemical peels as a way of taking exfoliation to the next level. According to a 2012 study in the Journal of Dermato-Endocrinology, chemical peels can be categorised into three classes:

  • Superficial Peels: These peels exfoliate the epidermis only. Common acids used are AHAs, beta-hydroxy acids, lipo-hydroxy acids, and trichloroacetic acid (TCA). Acid concentrations usually range from 10-30%.
  • Medium-Depth Peels: These peels target the upper reticular dermis. TCA is most commonly used at 30-50%.
  • Deep Peels: These peels penetrate the lower reticular dermis for a deeper exfoliation. TCA usually has a concentration of more than 50%.

After the chemical peel, expect your skin to peel for five to 10 days depending on the intensity of the peel.

Tip  to help soothe the new, resurfaced skin, apply hydrating lotion that contains aloe vera or hyaluronic acid.

8. Consider Microdermabrasion 

For stubborn acne blemishes, consider going for microdermabrasion. It evens out your skin tone but also lightens blemishes and reduces fine lines. The result is a clearer, smoother skin texture.

Before going for microdermabrasion, make sure you're not experiencing any skin inflammation as the procedure could worsen your skin condition. It's always safe to seek your dermatologist's opinion first.

The Lifestyle Habits to Follow for Smoother Skin

On top of altering your skincare routine to focus on exfoliation, moisturisation, and sun protection, your lifestyle can encourage smoother skin.

9. Eat Antioxidant-Rich Foods 

The quest for healthy, smooth skin also starts from within. This is supported by a 2012 study in the Dermato-Endocrinology Journal that discovered antioxidant-rich foods are essential for good skin health.

To get clear skin, you should include the following antioxidants in your daily diet: 

  • Carotenoids: Carrots, grapefruit, kale, mangoes, oranges, spinach, and tomatoes.
  • Lactobacilli: Cheese, fermented milk, olives, pickles, sauerkraut, and yogurt.
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids: Chia seeds, flaxseed, herring, mackerel, salmon, sardines, and tuna.
  • Vitamin A: Cod liver oil, eggs, fortified skim milk, dark green and leafy vegetables like broccoli and spinach, orange and yellow vegetables and fruits.
  • Vitamin C: Bell peppers, blackcurrants, blueberries, citrus fruits, guavas, and Kakadu plums.
  • Vitamin D: Egg yolks and fatty fish like mackerel, salmon, and tuna. 
  • Vitamin E: Almonds, avocado, cooked spinach, sunflower oil, sunflower seeds, and wheat germ oil.

10. Hydrate Your Skin

On top of eating the right foods, you'll also need to drink the right amount of fluids to achieve and maintain hydrated, smooth skin. Aim to drink six to eight glasses of water a day. That doesn’t mean you have to skip coffee or tea, which give you antioxidant-rich polyphenols while you get your caffeine fix.

11. Manage Your Stress

A 2010 study by the Department of Dermatology at Wroclaw Medical University pointed out that emotional stress can result in skin disorders like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and rosacea. So stress management is key to getting smoother skin.

One effective way of managing stress is meditation. Research has proven that meditation helps to reduce stress and decrease anxiety, on top of added health benefits like increased brain efficiency and reduced cholesterol levels.

12. Get Enough Sleep

When you sleep, your body's growth hormone levels increase and encourage collagen production. This improves the rate of skin cell repair that is important for healthy skin. Aim to sleep seven to nine hours every night to ensure your skin gets the rest it needs.

To further boost the restorative effects of sleep on your skin, apply an overnight face mask before you go to bed. The YORA Revitalise Face Mask is made with T.R.U.E. Active Complex to moisturise your skin and smooth fine lines.

Smooth Skin Is Achievable

Embarking on your smooth skin journey is less difficult than you think. By changing up your skincare routine to refocus on products that promote a healthy skin barrier, smooth skin is within reach.

To further stack the odds in your favour, consider lifestyle adjustments. A healthy diet, effective stress management, and sufficient sleep is a wholistic approach that will help you get smooth skin easily.

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