Our Responsibility

Transparency, consideration and mindfulness are imperative in our approach to all that we do. As a proudly Australian premium cosmeceutical brand, YORA is committed to creating wholistic skincare with the highest quality non-toxic ingredients that are scientifically proven in their efficacy. 
With a multidimensional mindset and a deep understanding of the many facets and requirements of skin health, YORA considers all parts that make up the greater whole including our planet and all of its inhabitants. It is our priority to establish a symbiotic relationship with nature while tirelessly pursuing the best from it. 

Sustainability and the Environment

True to the YORA philosophy we maintain a diligent eye on every link in our supply chain in order to create products with integrity and respect for our natural environment. We are constantly seeking to lighten our footprint on the planet while offering our customers the best possible experience. 

  • Our glass containers, pumps, closures, stick products and foam inserts are all recyclable.
  • Our outer shrink-wrap and online packaging is all biodegradable.
  • Our organic ingredients are denoted as such, and while YORA does not use organic ingredients solely, we do source the highest quality ingredients globally to deliver results. 
  • Our ingestible “Skin Food” is fully TGA registered and compliant.  This is important because it means that YORA and its entire supply chain have complied with strict standards and procedures to give the consumer the best product possible.  
  • Our products are free from:  
    • SLES/SLS
    • Parabens
    • Phthalates
    • Artificial colours
    • Synthetic fragrances
    • Animal derivatives
    • Animal testing

Sourcing and Manufacturing 

Our commitment to transparency at all levels of production means that we demand the highest standards from our suppliers and manufacturers. We seek out ethical partnerships with people and organisations who care as much as we do about preserving the environment, supporting human health, and producing measurable results for our customers. 

YORA’s innovative ingredients are sourced from all over the world, carefully selected for their proven efficacy and unique active molecules. We align with organisations who give back to local communities, who are involved in consumer feel-good initiatives and campaigns, provide training and support for local growers, and who also conduct clinical trials with their raw materials – we believe that it would be pointless to give you skincare that is safe enough to eat but does not provide a solution to a specific concern. Together with our passionate collaborators, we harness the best of both nature and technology to deliver genuinely wholistic skincare that actually works.