Yora Commercial Partner Program

Revolutionise Your Skincare Offerings 

Introducing a Groundbreaking Subscription Service 

At Yora, we're dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions Our latest initiative offers commercial partners—salons, spas, resorts, and more—a subscription service that transforms how you access and utilise products. This model is designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure you always have the perfect stock levels to meet your customers' needs. 

Why Yora ?

Forget traditional bulk purchase models. Our subscription service leverages the power of AI to predict and fulfil your product needs, minimising waste and financial inefficiencies. 

Disrupting the Wellness Industry 

  • Automated Restocking: AI-driven predictions for hassle-free restocking. 
  • Cost Optimisation: Manage your finances better with a predictable subscription model. 
  • Focus on Your Core Business: Spend more time improving service quality and customer experience. 
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: Easily adjust to customer preferences and market demands. 

What We Offer 

  • Tailored Selection of  Products: A subscription-based model offering a customised product range for your business. 
  • AI-Driven Inventory Management: Say goodbye to guesswork in ordering and inventory management. 
  • Performance Benchmarking: Access to industry benchmarks and KPIs to measure and improve your offerings. 

 Join Us 

Be part of a revolutionary approach that ensures your business stays ahead in the highly competitive wellness industry. With Yora, you're not just getting products; you're getting a partner committed to your success. 

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  • Phone: 0434 633 387