YORA 5-Step Skincare Routine

YORA 5-Step Skincare Routine


At YORA we believe in routines because they become rituals with specific results. Anything you do repeatedly will become habitual with long term benefits.

We believe in stepped action for great skin health because steps are easy to follow and remember and do not take too much of time.

The YORA 5-Step Routine takes your daily ritual of cleanse, treat and moisturise to a new level by including exfoliation and a smoothing clay mask to cover all the bases.

Exfoliation is an important step in any skincare routine because it provides gentle exfoliation action to rid the skin of environmental pollutants, leaving it feeling moisturised and looking rejuvenated, brighter and smoother.

A mask is a powerful weekly addition with detoxifying properties that bind to pollutants, leaving your skin refreshed and ready for anything!

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Routine includes

Clarify Face Cleanser – A low foaming gel cleanser that gently lifts dirt, excess oil and makeup while gently exfoliating – leaving your skin smooth and hydrated.

Revitalise Face Polish – Bamboo particles combined with AHA gently remove dead skin cells while providing a hydrating and calming effect.

Defence Face Serum – This powerful and smoothing serum includes a combination of actives to provide a protective barrier against the elements and harmful external aggressors you are exposed to daily, leaving skin feeling lifted and nourished.

Revitalise Face Moisturiser – This daytime lightweight gel moisturiser works while you are on the go, providing protection against the elements for smooth, luminous skin that will leave you feeling confident all day long.

Clarify Face Mask – A deep penetrating mask that provides gentle exfoliation and detoxification properties to rid the skin of environmental pollutants, leaving it moisturised, rejuvenated, brighter and smoother – refreshed and primed for the rest of the routine.

Featured Ingredient: Rosehip

How to Use

STEP 1 – Start your ritual with a mild yet refreshing citrus infused Clarify Face Cleanser to wake up your skin in the morning or to wash away all the makeup and grime at the end of your day.  

STEP 2 – Exfoliate your skin by adding a small amount of our Revitalise Face Polish in your cleanser while gently massaging over the skin or in the areas where needed most or use after cleansing.  Feel the powerful effects of AHA and bamboo particles to slough off dead or dry skin particles, while actives combined with aloe vera, jojoba and allantoin will calm the skin while providing healing and protection.  

STEP 3 – Apply our powerful and smoothing Defence Face Serum infused with powerful actives and evening primrose oil, mallow, red algae and rose extract for optimal care that provides a protective barrier against the elements and harmful external aggressors you are exposed to daily.

STEP 4 – Lock in moisture with our Revitalise Face Moisturiser to optimise skin barrier function, while protecting you against the elements and ensuring a smoothing effect for even skin tone.

STEP 5 – Apply our Clarify Face Mask weekly or as when needed.  This deeply cleansing mask with clay and charcoal that bind with pollutants for a detoxifying effect, while bamboo powder gently removes dead skin cells.  Additional calming ingredients like cucumber and sweet almond oil calms the skin, leaving your skin looking bright, smooth and rejuvenated.